Software that adapts to your business, not the other way around!



finam creates easy to use software that simplifies and automates the complex problems and processes of business in a way that makes sense.

Our Principle

Our applications fit themselves to an organization's operational processes, not the other way around! To this end our focus is always on the simplification and automation of complex procedures.

Development and Design

In the development and design of solutions the needs of our customers and, in particular, those of the operator are our central concern. Our many years of experience have shown that only simple, easy-to-use applications are used efficiently and successfully implemented.


Continuous, open and transparent communication is central to cooperation with our customers. We work in partnership with our customers so that the business relationship is mutually beneficial.


The services offered by finam cover the various aspects of your day-to-day needs. We see ourselves as your point of contact in the development of your information systems, as well in the simplification and automation of your business processes.

Our dedicated team has the necessary expertise and years of experience in the following areas:

Project management

 A competent project manager is a key factor in the successful implementation of a project.

Our project managers are business information systems and software specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the management and implementation of software projects. Our strengths include the planning and organizational capability, as well as a pragmatic, customized approach necessary for successful projects. As well as these, we believe that flexibility and approachability are important for the successful implementation of a project.

Individually developed or standard software?

 We are convinced that the combination of these two are a recipe for success.

Standard software offers more functionality than is necessary and often the processes do not optimally fit with your business. Complete individual development usually means more work in development and testing. The standardized core of our products is the basis for individualized extensions, thus combining the best of both worlds.

Consultation / Analysis

 We work with you to implement your ideas and requirements in an economically efficient and targeted way. This way we’re on the same page.

Our advice is based on competent and goal-oriented analysis of your needs and business processes. In doing this we rely on open and honest communication, and support you in all phases of your project. From the idea to the evaluation, through to analysis, implementation and operationalization.



advisory.desk is the comprehensive software solution for all aspects of customer service and asset management. advisory.desk's extensive resources are available to help deal with the challenges of increasingly stringent requirements and regulations of state supervisory authorities. The answer is to provide a professional tool for small and medium-sized financial institutions at a reasonable price. The core functionality includes, among other things:

  • Management, analysis and consolidation of portfolios (independent of banks)
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Money laundring
  • CRM (customer history, maintaining addresses and contact information, coordination of meetings)
  • Electronic document archiving and processing
  • Extensive MIS
  • Customer / portfolio reporting
  • Performance measurement / analysis (including risk figures, VaR)
  • Transaction management and processing
  • Comission administration and invoicing
  • Acquisition and investment proposals

The browser-based solution uses state-of-the-art technology and also offers user friendly operation on mobile devices. It can be perfectly adapted to individual needs and connected with 3rd party systems.

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